Learn To Care for Your Trees This Summer

Learn To Care

The trees need your care and love all year round. It is a responsibility that requires timely upkeep to maintain the look of them. Summer is the time of chirping birds but also scorching heat. You have to take special steps to keep your trees healthy in the summers. Each variety of trees needs a different approach. The same generic steps cannot be applied to all the trees. Here are some steps that you can take to keep up their health.

variety of trees

Layer up the mulch

The roots of the trees have to be the healthiest as it is the source of all nutrients for the trees. When you apply mulch to the roots, it helps contain the soil’s moisture and withstand the harsh temperatures. Depending upon the variety of your tree, there are multiple varieties of mulch. Ensure that you pick accordingly.

Have an irrigation plan in hand

There are some varieties of trees that require more water than the others. Under such circumstances, you need an irrigation plan that would ensure the supply of water to the roots. While we admit that it is not entirely possible to mitigate the threat, but you can take the help of professionals to overcome this issue.

Keep a close watch on the trees’ health

Dried-up branches are the telltale signs of a dying tree. So, ensure it does not come to that. When the trees are their lush glory, check out for dehydration in the branches. Tackle the issue right away before it gets out of hand.

Cut the weeds

Keep removing the weeds timely, so that the nutrient supply is only for your tree and not these unwelcome plants. Also, check for any pest infestation. They might start small, but once they take hold of the soil, they will eat up the tree. Also, removing the weeds and pruning the branches gives a neat look to your tree.

pest infestation

In conclusion

Summers are when you may tie up the hammock between your trees or rest under it with your favorite book. Ensure that the trees are their best during this heat as it is easier for them to run out of nutrients. Don’t overwater your trees. If you feel lost about its maintenance, seek the help of professionals for guidance.

Taking care of the trees can be an intense task. But you can make it fun by involving your family members too. Trees live for generations. They have so many stories hidden in their trunk and shade to give. If we go the extra mile to show them tender care, they give up back to us multifold.

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