Tips to Conduct a Successful Tree Plantation Drive for Volunteers

Tree Plantation

Tree plantations seem as easy as birdwatching picnics but certainly aren’t. If you are soon planning to host a green drive for volunteers, you need to manage the arrangements in the background along with the picnic fun. If you think plantation drives are just planting the sapling and walking away, check out the guide ahead to conduct a drive successfully.

Advertise practically to gather reliable volunteers

When you are calling for volunteers, aim for the ones who will actually help you with the plantation. Instead of showing the greed of expensive merchandise or certificates from any environmental NGOs, elucidate more about the actual concept of the plantation drive.

It doesn’t mean you pour out theoretical lectures on environment conservation but describe what and how they will really work with you. List out the facilities and assistance you’ll provide in a cheerful tone to attract genuine volunteers.

Provide the seasonal saplings or encourage them to bring

You as a host should study the land and climate where you plan your drive to list out feasible species to plant. As some volunteers often get lazy to bring their saplings or some get the wrong ones, you should ensure and arrange a sapling bank.


Collaborate with local nurseries or botanical gardens to help you list out and gather enough saplings suitable for the season and region. You can always encourage the volunteers to bring themselves as more plants will only multiply the greenery!

Gather proper tools and watering facilities

Plantation requires tools to shovel the soil, watering supply, cans, and organic manure along with the saplings you plant. It’s better you provide all these appropriate tools on the camp so that volunteers don’t have to cringe on the spot.

People stepping up for volunteering are often diverse, with partial horticultural knowledge, making it your job to fetch and arrange the supplies. You can rent out the tools and arrange for mobile water supply tankers to move around with your group.

You can cover multiple plantation grounds

If you want to add picnic fun, try to cover multiple places instead of one. Volunteers will surely enjoy traveling around and would get a break from the tedious job. If you plan for an entire day, you can cover educational organizations, gated societies, public gardens around the city, or out-of-town fertile lands.

Ensure to provide farm-fresh refreshments

Enjoyment always multiples with refreshments and snacks. While toiling hard in the bright sun, your volunteers would be exhausted, calling for a drink now and then. Have enough supply of water, glucose drinks, fruit juices, and energetic bite-sized snacks to munch on the go and keep your mob energetic.

Sign off the event with entertainment

After a whole day of successful work, gather your group for a high tea party or campfire dinner for chatting, distributing gifts, and amusement to share and discuss thoughts about the day.

Talk about the importance of plantations and motivate the volunteers to participate in more as it can only help you conduct the upcoming drives easily. All along, jovial socialization would be welcome to all as your volunteers would enjoy the gathering together!

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