Your Guide to Tree and Shrub Planting


Are you all set to plant your own trees and shrubs? Trees add that old school charm to your landscape. There are certain techniques you must keep up in mind for a flourishing set of trees and shrubs.

proper location

Select a proper location

You will need to find an area that offers full direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. There are certain tree varieties that flourish in shade too like the spruce, beech, dogwoods and other varieties of the maple tree. As for the shrubs, medium shade is tolerable.

You must know the drainage

It is crucial to know how much the water drains. To perform a test for this, dig a hole to fill with water. After sitting overnight, if the water still remains there, the drainage is of bad quality. Ensure that it has not rained.

The wins

You need to decide on the perfect direction to grow your trees as the winds might be a factor that might stall or hype its growth too.

The plan

It requires you to plan well in advance when you choose to plant shrubs and trees. Sometimes, there might be changes in the pH of the soil and that might lead to drastic differences in the outcome. You may even send a soil sample for analysis and you will receive a confirmed report about the various considerations like the organic matter, soil texture and salt. Depending upon the result and the recommendations made, you would be able to make amends and grow your favourite trees.

Selecting the plants

Stick to the native plants as much as possible as they thrive the best in your climatic conditions, pests and various other interruptions. They have evolved to withstand all of that. Also, you must consider what tall or big the tree can go in your landscape. You do not want the tree entering your living space. Plant it at a safe distance, so that it does not prove to be an inconvenience later.

plant your trees

Choose the right season to plant your trees. For instance, the bare root plants do well when planted during the spring. If these plants are grown sapplings, you may even push your planting process to October. If your evergreens have your heart, you may push your planting plans to autumn as they thrive well then.

In conclusion

A proper planting technique is important as anu mistake will lead to the death of your plant. It requires a lot of love and preparation to plant the trees. They are wonderful sources of life and provide shade and shelter through the year. In any case, you may seek the help of the experts if you feel lost during any of the steps. Every soil has different fertilizer requirements. Remember to not over water or under water and prune your trees and shrubs timely.

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